Samples of Our Work

Here you will find just a taster of the kind of magic we work on our client’s documents. Of course, your interview-winning career marketing resume will be specially crafted to capture your career story and will look just as captivating as our examples.

Presentation Full Colour Design Resume Examples

A visually engaging interview-winning resume prepared using a variety of expert styling techniques. These resumes are designed to showcase your creativity and differentiate you from the many others applying for the same positions. Present one of our stylised resumes during interviews and you will stand out from the crowd!

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ATS Resume Examples

If you’re applying for positions online there’s a good chance that your resume will be received, scanned by an ATS (applicant tracking system), and entered into a recruiter’s database. Your resume won’t meet human eyes until after it’s been classified by a computer – and even then it will only be read by a person if it’s a good match for an electronic search. We’ll optimise your resume for ATS, ensuring it contains the correct formatting and industry-specific keywords to increase its chances of passing through and being picked up by any resume scanning software.

Click sample to view each document in full.

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