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What you receive: a 147-page content-and solution-rich PDF including done-for-you templates and step-by-step instructions.

In our eBook, Job Search Secrets Exposed, we teach you exactly what you need to know to:

  • Jumpstart your search with crystal clear goals and a job search blueprint. (Develop a roadmap for your career and your life ensures your search is laser-focused. This can significantly reduce your job search time.)
  • Network your way to success. (You’ve been networking? You may find out you’re “not networking.” Learn what networking is and what it’s not, and how knowing the difference can make all the difference for your job hunt.)
  • Learn cutting-edge methods for a successful modern job search. (What you need to know plus bonus pitch templates.)
  • Apply for jobs. (Once you know the inside scoop, the sun will shine and the birds will sing!)
  • What to do when your job search isn’t working. (We expose common job search pitfalls and how to avoid them to achieve your goals.)
  • How to position yourself to land your ideal job. (How to quickly and easily line up multiple job opportunities.)
  • Online reputation management. (Tips, tricks and tools every jobseeker needs to know.)
  • Secrets to salary negotiation your boss doesn’t want you to know about. (negotiate salaries and employment conditions with confidence.)
  • Job search letters. (Done-for-you acceptance, refusal and resignation letter templates.)
  • Creating a brag book. (How to create an unforgettable portfolio, leave-behind, or interview presentation binder.)
  • What to do after a job interview. (The all-important foundation for successful follow-up after a job interview plus bonus letter template.)
  • An ex-recruiter’s guide to references. (This simple guide will answer your questions and give you the long and short of everything you need to know about employment references in today’s job market.)

In short — this eBook will give you the tools and information needed to position yourself above your competition, boost the quantity and quality of your job prospects, a multiply your income exponentially.

Time is ticking…

Think about it… what do you have to lose? How much is your job search costing you?

You could be losing close to $1000 per week by not taking the step you need to land a new job now.

If this investment gets you a job an hour sooner, it has well and truly paid for itself.

Do you really want to miss this chance to pick up a job search success system… including done-for-you templates, a job search blueprint and a comprehensive step-by-step guide to landing your ideal job?

Take a peek at the Table of Contents!

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