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Job search is a job in itself … right? We’re not taught how to design, launch and execute a winning job search strategy and yet we expect to just know this stuff. When there’s so much riding on landing that next role, pressure builds … and builds … and builds. Would it ease your mind to know that I’ve developed done-for-you, step-by-step resources that will not only save you valuable time but also yield higher returns for your effort by enabling you to increase the number and quantity of job leads, build a robust professional network and position yourself well in a post-covid job market?

A resume is not a magic bullet! We’ve all heard that you need a solid resume to get an interview. While this is true, a resume alone may not be all you need to be contacted by a potential employer. There are other components of your job search that are just as—if not more—important as your resume. Think of your job search as a toolbox. What tools do you need to make sure you’re well equipped for finding a new position?

I’ve authored 5X Self-directed Career Advancement Programs, plus my all-inclusive Job Search Secrets Exposed eBook and Getting Started with LinkedIn in Your Job Search eBook.

By following my lead, these tools will help you find—and land—your dream job.

  • 14-Day Salary Negotiation Challenge – Instant Download

  • 21-Day Accomplishments Challenge – Instant Download

  • 21-Day New Year New Job Challenge – Instant Download

  • 30-Day Job Search Accelerator Program – Instant Download

  • 30-Day LinkedIn Accelerator Program – Instant Download

  • Getting Started with LinkedIn in your Job Search – Instant Download

  • Job Search Secrets Exposed eBook – Instant Download