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How to Land a New Job During a Pandemic — 15 Easy Tips


The last 18 months have been difficult for most and on many levels. The wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic has decimated entire industries or at the very least changed them forever, or made them no longer viable. Most of us know someone whose jobs, incomes, family health, or futures have been affected by this unrelenting virus and its mutants. Overall, Australia’s response to the worldwide pandemic has been nothing short of remarkable. As of June 2021, hiring is very strong across many industries and it’s vital to have a plan B in your pocket in the event of an unforeseen redundancy in your workplace, you are seeking a job change or if a headhunter comes knocking with a fabulous opportunity.

I’ve put together 15 easy-to-action tips for landing a new job during a pandemic:

  • Be prepared for what’s next — make sure your résumé and LinkedIn profile are up to date. Make time to track and document your accomplishments.
  • Analyse your transferable skills and experience, particularly if you are in an industry that has been negatively affected by the pandemic.
  • Remember that some aspects of the job search remain the same — companies still want to hire problem-solvers, your network can help you identify opportunities, and having an accomplishment-focused résumé and LinkedIn profile can help you secure interviews.
  • Be prepared to interview for the position virtually (rather than in person).
  • Consider temporary and short-term positions, as some companies may be wary of taking on permanent, full-time employees in an uncertain economic environment.
  • Adjust your mindset — jobs are available in a pandemic, even if the news makes it seem otherwise. Want proof? Check out sites like, SimplyHired, or Monster.
  • Having trouble finding a job in your field? Look for companies that are meeting pandemic-specific needs. These companies may be hiring for temporary, part-time, and short-term opportunities.
  • Allow more time for hiring in a pandemic environment. The hiring timeline has grown longer in some cases.
  • Consider a short-term or temporary role if you are in-between jobs. This position may make it easier for you to weather the pandemic and be in a position to get a new role in the future.
  • If your current industry is affected by the pandemic, you may want to temporarily change fields during the pandemic, using your existing skills in a new industry in the short-term.
  • If you’ve been furloughed by your current employer, develop a job search strategy in case your position is permanently eliminated. Update your job search documents so you can immediately apply for positions if you find yourself without a job.
  • Research your state’s unemployment benefit requirements to determine if taking on short-term or part-time work will affect your benefits.
  • If a career change is necessary, assess your work history and identify skills and/or experience you can leverage. Seek out opportunities for additional training and learning.
  • Keep in contact virtually with your network. Your network can be a vital part of your job search and staying in touch with people you know through social media, phone calls, Zoom or FaceTime, email, text and LinkedIn messages can help you identify opportunities.
  • Some pandemic-related changes may become permanent — such as virtual job fairs, virtual interviews, and remote work opportunities. Plan for the future and be prepared for whatever comes your way.

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