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A resume today, is no longer your career obituary – a list of all the jobs  you’ve held and what you did there. The resume has evolved to become a foundational marketing document for your career, communicating the stories of success that demonstrate your value to a target employer. 

If your value fails to stand out, your resume will be tossed aside on the “no” pile and never looked at again. Are you sending out your current resume but not getting selected for interviews? If yes, the first place we need to look is your resume. You have come to the right place!

Over the years, the job market has changed dramatically. Previously, just having a “chat” with a potential employer was often enough to get your foot in the door. Now, the single most important document you need to sell your skills and experience to a potential employer is an outstanding resume/CV.

Simply put, you have 6 seconds to get the attention of the reader. How can you do this when you are competing against hundreds of other applicants for the same position? 

At Total Resumes our team of certified, savvy and experienced resume writing professionals have a proven track record in preparing and assisting applicants worldwide by creating tailored, professional documents! With Total Resumes help, you’ll stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

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    How Does Your Resume Stack Up?

    If you are not hearing back from employers for those jobs you know you are “perfect for,” then there’s likely a lot going wrong with your resume.

    Would it help to learn the number #1 resume improvement that you can make in minutes to get you more interviews?

    Investment or Cost

    How long does it take for a professional resume to pay for itself?

    How much income are you losing every day that you are looking for work?
    Just divide your annual salary by 52 weeks, and divide that by 5 days per week and there’s your answer.

    Example 1

    Office Administrator | TAS – former salary = $55,000 annually ÷ 52 = $1057/week ÷ 5 days = $211 per day in lost wages.

    Investing $600 in a Professional Resume Package paid for itself in just over 3 days.

    Example 2

    Sales Manager | VIC – former salary = $100,000 annually ÷ 52 = $1923/week ÷ 5 days = $384 per day in lost wages.

    Investing $750 in a Management Resume Package paid for itself in less than 2 days.

    “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair

    Examples of Our Work

    Workforce Planning Manager

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    Healthcare Executive

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    Technology Executive

    Presentation Full Colour Design Resume Example

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    Wondering where to Focus your Efforts?

    Here’s what recruiters say will get a resume rejected:

    • Impersonal Applications (No Hiring Manager’s Name) – 84%
    • No Thank You Note After Interview – 57%
    • Resumes Aren’t Customised and Tailored – 54%
    • No Cover Letter – 45%
    • No Follow Up With Employer After Interview – 37%

    What hiring managers want  from job seekers:

    • Resumes Tailored to the Open Position – 63%
    • Skill Sets Listed First on a Resume – 41%
    • Cover Letters – 40%
    • Application Addressed to the Hiring Manager – 22%
    • Links to Personal Blogs, Portfolios, or Websites – 16%

    Additional informative takeaways:

    Recruiters take an average of six seconds to scan a resume

    41% of employers say that they might not interview a candidate if they can’t find them online.

    Some of our proudest achievements at Total Resumes include:


    Interview-winning success rate in less than 60 days


    average length that job searches were shortened
    (from 9+ months to 3 months or less)


    of clients secure interviews in 2 weeks or less

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    • Why Choose Us?

      • Our Principal is the only certified career storyteller and 1 of 5 Certified Executive Résumé Masters (CERM) in Australia
      • Experience as the decision maker in the recruitment and selection of staff
      • 10 years of resume screening and candidate selection experience
      • Industry memberships and affiliations ensuring recognised certifications and up-to-date knowledge
      • We follow the standards of the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA), and Career Directors International (CDI), and the Association of Online Resume and Career Professionals (AORCP)
    • Food for Thought

      Did you know that resume writing is an unregulated industry in Australia? So literally anyone can set up business as a resume writer and claim to be an expert in the field. Are you willing to put your career and earning potential in the hands of just anyone? NO WAY! That’s why all of the writers at Total Resumes are highly experienced, certified professional resume writers, with additional qualifications in a diverse range of professions.

    • Competitive Job Market

      It’s a competitive market out there with 40,000 new resumes being added to each DAY; Many companies receiving hundreds and frequently thousands of unsolicited resumes each week (Google receives 1,500 per day); 45% of surveyed employees stating they are looking for new and better employment positions.