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Executives and LinkedIn

By February 27, 2018March 2nd, 2018Career Management, Career Tips, LinkedIn

I work with many executives that either have a LinkedIn profile but don’t use it, or don’t have a profile at all. Their concerns range from a lack of time or interest, to privacy concerns. I believe the real issue is a lack of understanding relative to value. Many executives simply don’t see how LinkedIn can benefit them. But there IS value in having a LinkedIn profile if you are a top executive.

Below are 4 tips for leveraging those benefits.

1. Adjust Your Privacy & Settings. Did you know that you can change the setting for “Select who can see your connections” to “Only you?”

2. Summary. This should be a compelling summary of your career, peppered with robust achievements, tailored to your ideal role.  Pro Tip-It’s a good idea to have an email and maybe even a phone number in your summary to inspire conversations.

3. Keyword Headings & Titles. When deciding on your keyword headings, think about what a recruiter or other hiring manager might be looking for when searching for someone like you.

4. Depth & Breadth. LinkedIn profiles are best written in first-person. Generally speaking, the details in your profile should not be covered as thoroughly as they are in your executive resume.

Pro Tip-Add just enough detail to create intrigue.

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