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Why Do You Charge More Than Other Résumé Services?

By September 17, 2018Career Tips

Despite what you might have heard about knowing yourself (the product) best, it rarely if ever means you are the most qualified to sell yourself on paper. Think about it—if products were marketed by their creators, then Coca-Cola would be marketed by chemists and the company would not be the multi-billion dollar brand it is today!

While you yourself might not yet represent a multi-billion dollar brand, your resume does have the power to position you to attain the goals you desire – when it’s done properly. However, hard working, conscientious professionals take their strengths, achievements, and talents for granted. Rarely do they know where to look, how deep to dig, how to tell the story without saying too much or too little, what to play up, or how to present it, because they are far too close to the subject, not familiar with the review strategies of the companies they are targeting, and not professional writers/marketers when it comes to selling themselves in a resume.

While I can provide you with expert, time-tested strategies and advice, attempting to apply it yourself could be akin to following written instructions from my mechanic on diagnosing and repairing my car’s engine. I’m not a mechanic and while I might get lucky, patch it together, and think I know what I’m doing since I received expert advice, all too soon I will be stranded on the side of the road having wasted time, now with the added expense of a tow truck, and still having to pay my mechanic to do the work and wait longer while it is done. In fact, I will have wasted more time and money than if I just fixed the problem the right way with the use of a professional the first time!

I don’t tell you this to be arrogant or assumptive–12+ years of executive-level resume writing, recruitment, job search / interview workshop facilitation, and winning awards as a professional resume writer have allowed me to see the mistakes that job seekers make over and over again. In all that time I can’t think of more than two cases where the do-it-yourself update to the resume created by the job seeker was any better than the original, which tells me you don’t want to waste opportunities doing it yourself unless it’s your profession. If not, then your competition is sure to have the edge if even just one of them seeks the help of a certified professional.

I encourage you to invest in your career–the one area of your life that makes all other wants and needs possible–so you can take control, get what you want, and avoid wasting time. Time is money and opportunity, and when your goal position is staring you in the face, you don’t want to lose out!! You’ve got just one chance to make a great first impression, and Total Resumes is your partner in doing just that.

With that said, each résumé writer sets his or her own rates, depending on skills and specialization, certifications, knowledge, and experience. The price for your project will also depend on the level of the project — a résumé for a senior executive is obviously priced different than a résumé for a new college graduate.

Fit is most important when choosing a résumé writer to work with you. You want a résumé writer who you are comfortable working with, because developing your résumé is a collaborative process. I also urge you to speak with multiple prospective writers and check the quality of their work to ensure it meets your expectations.

Working with a résumé writer is an investment in your career. Most jobseekers who work with a career professional find a job faster and earn more at their next job than they’re currently making. So remember, it’s more about price — it’s about value. Make sure your résumé writer is the right fit for you!

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