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5 Things To Do To Get Ready for Your Job Search

Are you ‘prepared’ to take your career advancement to the next level?

5 Things To Do To Get Ready for Your Job Search

  • Update your résumé. You never know when ­your dream job will become available. Make sure your résumé is ready so you can respond quickly. (And if you don’t have a résumé yet, a professional résumé writer can help!)
  • Develop — or update — your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn doesn’t replace the résumé…it complements it. Also, slowly begin to increase your LinkedIn connections — make a goal of adding one new contact each day.
  • Know what you’re worth. Conduct salary research to determine how your current salary and benefits package compares to other folks doing the same job.
  • Define your ideal job. If you don’t know what your dream job looks like, how will you know how to find it? Take time to define the job title and responsibilities of your perfect job.
  • List your preferences for the type of organisation you’d like to work for. Then create a target list of companies that fit that criteria.

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