December 2, 2017

Professional Resume Services… Investment or Cost?

Investment or Cost? Do you think hiring a Résumé Writer is an expense? The chart below shows how much income is lost for every month, week, and day
June 24, 2017

How to Get More Results with an Achievements-Focused Resume

Does your resume show your past positions’ challenges, actions and results? Why it needs to. Your resume is more than just a list of previous jobs
June 24, 2017

Does Your Resume Pass the 6-Second Test?

In today’s competitive job market, it should come as no surprise that recruiters are often pressed for time when reviewing the loads of job applications they
June 24, 2017

5 Things To Do To Get Ready for Your Job Search

Are you ‘prepared’ to take your career advancement to the next level? 5 Things To Do To Get Ready for Your Job Search Update your résumé. You
June 24, 2017

The Future Starts Today, Not Tomorrow

Wisdom from the Pope, “The future starts today, not tomorrow.” He’s right. We talk about what we’re GOING to do tomorrow or next month when we’re not
June 3, 2016

Improve Your Strike Rate | Effective Job Search Tips for 2016

With the 2016 job market now in full swing, what can you do to boost your chances of getting noticed and to improve your strike rate? The