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5 Tips For A Stellar LinkedIn Presence You Can Implement Today

Are you looking to create an outstanding impression on LinkedIn® but are overwhelmed with where to start? LinkedIn is a great way to connect with your internal and external network and once mastered can land you solid contacts—and potentially a new job.


Here are 5 tips that will get you started on making a striking first impression:


  1. Write An Eye-Catching Summary


Your summary is the hook that will get an employer, headhunter or recruiter reading your entire profile. The opening of the summary could be done as if you are answering a question. The goal here is to set the stage by telling a story that will compel your network (and potential hiring managers) to keep reading.


When thinking of ideas for a good opening take a close look at your inner passion, values, and aspirations as well as your primary strengths and make them the key ingredients to include in your summary.


Your summary must include keywords and phrases that the employer is looking for. This could include words like ‘strategic planning’, ‘project management’, or ‘IT Infrastructure Management.’ Often it may be a challenge to include these keywords in the narrative summary in which case you could make a short list and mention them under a separate heading of Core Competencies.


Also, write in ‘first person’ using personal pronouns. LinkedIn, while professional, is also casual in the respects that it’s a more ‘personal’ way to connect with your audience. Using words like ‘I’ and ‘my’ allows the reader to connect with you personally as well as professionally.


  1. Create Your Personal Brand


Make your LinkedIn profile stand out as your personal brand.


To achieve this, try to create a one or two liner that encompasses your professional achievement. This might require some thought but will go a long way in making you stand out among your competitors offering to do the same service. For instance, if you’re a sales executive, you might include “Continually Meeting & Exceeding Sales Expectations” as a personal tagline.


You can highlight the tagline by adding it to a customised cover photo on your profile (prime real estate that most people don’t make the best of).


  1. Be Current And Contribute


A great way to be current is to follow the key leaders and players in your industry. It is important to join the conversation and contribute in any way you can. Sharing an article or commenting on relevant content that helps in fueling the topic being discussed is a great way to be seen as an ‘expert’ in your field or industry.


Interacting and contributing helps get you noticed, builds a goodwill gesture showing your relationships that you are following them, and shows that you are interested in what they have to say.


  1. Recommendations & Endorsements Are Vital


Even if LinkedIn serves very well as a professional network that is great for online business networking or job-hunting, it is still a social network. And, much like any other social media platform it thrives on the current buzz.


Getting recommendations boils down to a few questions — how many connections on your profile are you interacting with on a semi-regular basis? What do your past job employers, colleagues or business associates sincerely reflect about you? Akin to any social media, you could have hundreds of connections, but you need to dedicate time to interact and put in an effort to engage your associates and clients.


  1. Showcase Your Volunteering And Non-Profit Work


Any non-profit work you do or volunteering experience you have is always a plus and makes you stand out ahead of the crowd while also shows what you’re interested in outside of your professional world. It indicates that you walk the talk and are passionate about helping and contributing to the community at large.


No matter if you’re just beginning your career or are a seasoned professional, your LinkedIn profile can offer the boost you need to advance and improve your career path. Keeping your profile up to date, networking with key connections, and getting valuable recommendations are all things that will help you bag your next big job.


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Author Carolyn Whitfield

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