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How to Look for a New Job While You’re Still Employed

By October 18, 2018Uncategorized

Research shows that it is easier for a job seeker to find a new job while they’re still employed. Why? Because it gives assurance to the employer that one possesses the necessary skills, experience, and drive to be employable.

If you’re not satisfied with your role or your current employer and are looking to start a new job search, here are five key tips which could help open doors to greater opportunities:

  1. Apply for jobs individually

Rather than posting your resume on online job boards and running the risk of being found by your employer, find an individual job posting you’re interested in and apply for it through the company’s website, or even better, through a personal contact at the company.

  1. Don’t include your boss and coworkers as references

As obvious as this may sound, if you have been working with your current employer for a number of years, you may be tempted to include your colleagues or your immediate supervisor as a reference on your resume. First off, listing your references directly on your resume is no longer standard practice. And secondly, you run the risk of your coworkers being surprised by a reference call at work — before anything has even been finalized. While references are seldom used for screening by hiring managers, it’s still important to protect your professional network until the end of the hiring process.

  1. Invest in personal business cards

Since you are a passive job candidate, it’s prudent to invest in a personal business card rather than handing out your current company’s contact information. This will come in handy when you’re at networking events and want to open the doors for further communication after an engaging conversation. A personal business card will allow your contact to touch base with you without having to use work email or phone to do so.

  1. Ensure there is no premature disclosure

Your excitement for the new position and recent advancements could lead you to make some blunders at the workplace. First off, try to schedule interviews outside office hours. If you do happen to have an interview during lunch or before work hours, make sure you don’t raise eyebrows by coming to work in a suit or a formal shirt, if you normally wear casual attire to work. If you have a phone interview, try to take it from your car or an offsite location rather than in your office with the risk of being overheard or interrupted by a coworker.

Secondly, resist the temptation of dropping a hint with your co-worker friend. Telling one is the same as telling them all. Lastly, don’t self-sabotage yourself by sending the impression to your boss of having a “could not care less” attitude about your work. Although, it is natural that your enthusiasm on the current job may slip with the possibility of a new opportunity, attempt to always maintain a positive attitude. After all, you are still being paid to put in 100% effort at your current position.

  1. Watch out for social media mistakes

Social media habits can very easily spill the beans and you need to watch out for them before starting your job search. As a first step, turn off notifications on your LinkedIn profile and don’t tag your profile with titles that will disclose your network that you are looking for a job. The same goes for other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. If you happen to share mutual acquaintances who post or tweet and acknowledge your job search there is a possibility that a boss or colleague might catch on to it by viewing your profile.

By following the above tips, you are well on your way to a covert job search. The final key to success is to get organized and plan ahead. Keep your resume and online profile updated before you start your search. Use an app or organizer to set deadlines and prioritize tasks so you can effectively manage your time while being productive in your current position.

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