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Interview-Winning Resume Writing Strategies

All job seekers need a resume, even those who are fortunate to have a good connection influencing them into an interview. A resume can be enhanced in many ways and given the extremely high levels of competition you may face in the market, it is imperative that you consider some form of resume adaptation. Professional resume writers can help you achieve this, but it’s also worthwhile learning and understanding the fundamentals that go behind a professional resume.

  • Tailor the resume against a specific job – highlight key words and competencies
  • Only add valuable and relevant information. Anything else is likely to lose the readers interest
  • Use a tailored industry key word section
  • Customise every resume you send out to ensure it capture all that the employer is seeking. Work to include similar language and the requirements as posted in the job posting
  • Consider a separate “achievements” section
  • Trim irrelevant and excessive information so key points stand out in the resume
  • For more experienced roles, list qualifications at the end of the resume
  • Avoid getting too visually creative, focus on the content and design
  • Seek feedback from recruiters
  • Avoid web-based resumes as these have never really taken off (yet)
  • Use MS Word and check compatibility if you are sending through a Mac OS
  • Consider colour and spacing that is professional and not overpowering

Remember the two golden rules to professional resumes & CVs: Content & Format

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Author Carolyn Whitfield

6X TORI-Winning, Multi-Certified Resume Master & Coach ★ 12+ Yrs Expertise ★ 98% Client Interview-Winning Success Rate. As an executive resume expert who has carved a strong reputation in the resume industry, I’ve helped thousands of rising stars and executives worldwide ascend to the next step on the career ladder.

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