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LinkedIn By The Numbers

By February 19, 2020LinkedIn

This cheat sheet will provide a quick reference to the current LinkedIn guidelines (as of December 2019).


Character counts on LinkedIn include letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation, and symbols (including emojis).


Name field:

First name: 20-character limit

Last name: 40-character limit



120-character limit


About section (“Summary”):

2,600-character limit


About section preview:

Depending on the device being used (desktop vs. mobile), LinkedIn will show the first couple lines of the About section (and then a prompt to “See More”). On desktop, the preview is approximately 25-40 words (or 270-320 characters). On mobile, viewers see approximately 20-25 characters and then “See More.”


Vanity URL (customizing your LinkedIn public profile URL):

30-character limit (5-character minimum)

Cannot use spaces, symbols, or special characters

The customizable part of the URL is not case sensitive (SeanJobseeker, seanjobseeker, and Seanjobseeker will all point to the same profile).

The URL can be changed up to five times within six months (however, changing your URL frequently is not recommended). If a URL has been used and then changed, that URL will be unavailable for use by anyone else for six months.


Website URL (links):

256-character limit

Note: The text you use to describe the URL has a maximum of 30 characters


Status Update:

600-character limit


LinkedIn Publishing:

Headline: 100-character limit

Article: 40,000-character limit

Photo credit: 250 character limit



Job title: 100-character limit

Position description: 2000-character limit (200-character minimum)



3,000-character limit


LinkedIn Groups:

Conversation title: 200-character limit

Body: 2,000-character limit

Comments: 1,000-character limit (per comment)


Maximum Number of First Degree Connections:





Personal Profile Image Header:

400 x 400 (4:1 ratio)

Maximum File Size: 8MB

Acceptable File Formats: PNG, JPG, GIF


Personal Background Image:

1584 x 396

Maximum File Size: 8 MB

Acceptable File Formats: PNG, JPG, GIF


LinkedIn Publisher Photo Cover Image:

698 x 400

Maximum File Size: 8 MB

Acceptable File Formats: PNG, JPG, GIF

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