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EVEN MORE Things every jobseeker can do to be successful in a job search:

Getting Ready for Your Job Search

  • The first thing to do is figure out what you want to do next! Define your ideal job. If you don’t know what your dream job looks like, how will you find it?
  • Create a target list of companies you’d like to work for. Figure out what kind of organisation you want as your employer. Once you’ve made your list, look for companies that fit your criteria.
  • Update your résumé. Once you know what kind of job you want and what kind of companies you’re targeting, you can focus your résumé on the specific type of position you want.
  • Develop or update your LinkedIn profile. Someone looking for a candidate with your skills and experience might conduct a search on LinkedIn and find your profile. Or someone in your network might be interested in recommending you, and forward your LinkedIn profile URL.
  • Work to build your network — online and off. It’s estimated that 40-80 percent of jobs are found through networking. Grow your network personally and professionally. You never know who will be the person to introduce you to your next job opportunity.

Keep an eye out for PART 5 in the series: Tips for Success In Your Jobs Search……Information provided by Carolyn from Total Resumes

Carolyn Whitfield
An executive resume writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, and Expert LinkedIn profile writer, contact her today. Carolyn can help you get interviews for your dream job and bring the world of business to you by maximising your exposure and connections on LinkedIn.

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