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Press Play on your New Year Tune

It’s either the start of a new financial year or halfway through the calendar year. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a great time to take stock of your current position and career goals and refocus your energy to make this year (or half of the year) yours.

Whatever the time of year, or your personal circumstances, it’s important to periodically reassess your career and financial health every so often. Whether you’re looking after a family, part of a couple, or single, make it a habit to regularly look at your budget, debts and career/financial goals. Who knows, it could even be fun!

One of the best resources for you in a modern job search is your executive résumé writer or career services professional. When in doubt about something you’ve heard, or read about, ask! While it can be tempting to ask friends, family members, or others who have recently gone through a job search, a more reliable source of information is a professional résumé writer who is committed to staying on top of the changing world of work, including trends and technology that will impact your ability to successfully secure your dream job by helping you navigate through the modern job search.

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