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Outplacement Services

Despite the unemployment rate of 5.6% in July 2017, down from 5.7% in June, companies still need to prepare for staff layoffs and terminations.

As organisations strive to get lean, go through mergers and acquisitions, and continue to automate and outsource non-core business operations, downsizing happens in the best of companies. Downsizing has an enormous impact on employees transitioning out, their families’, the organisation’s customers and suppliers, the local community, and employees that remain along with the key stakeholders.

Redundancy is an emotional experience for employees and employers alike. How the process is handled can have a tremendous impact on an organisation’s standing, reputation and performance.

At the corporate level, Total Resumes ensure employees experience a smooth transition from your organisation while allowing you to feel confident that you are communicating a strong message about treating employees with dignity and respect even at the most difficult of times. We work towards strengthening your organisation’s image, both internally and externally, while protecting your brand and reversing negative publicity or perceptions of employees.

We will work with you to implement your transition initiatives in line with your values, reducing the risks associated with change and protecting your brand.

At the employee level, Total Resumes are an invaluable resource and boast numerous benefits, including:

  • Offering employees support at a time of vulnerability
  • Helping employees to develop a clear, considered plan for their next career step
  • Bringing employees up to date with the current employment market
  • Honing employees’ networking and interview skills

Service options include professional and executive level resume development, interview skills, individualised job search strategy and coaching program, LinkedIn profile development and optimisation, and letters and eNotes. We provide tailored solutions for groups and individuals. Contact Carolyn today.

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Carolyn Whitfield
An executive resume writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, and Expert LinkedIn profile writer, contact her today. Carolyn can help you get interviews for your dream job and bring the world of business to you by maximising your exposure and connections on LinkedIn.

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