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5 Tips for Writing a Killer LinkedIn Profile Summary

By July 18, 2018February 4th, 2019Career Tips, LinkedIn

Are you using LinkedIn to network with your connections, find new job opportunities, or research business development projects? To spruce up your LinkedIn profile and grab the attention of visitors, your LinkedIn summary is extremely important to connect with your readers.

To help get you started on crafting a persuasive summary here are five tips to incorporate:

 Tip 1: Don’t leave your summary section blank

The importance of a summary section is quite similar to the introduction of a book or a research paper—it sets the tone of the document and provokes interest to read further. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to never leave the summary section blank. If left blank the hiring manager gets no introduction to who you are or what you can bring to the team. You want to provide the reader with your overall goals and major objectives of your career.

Tip 2: Use highly relevant keywords in your summary

You have 2000 characters to craft your summary. Unlike a resume which is targeted towards a particular position, a LinkedIn summary is written primarily for search engines. Apart from your job title and headline, the summary section is prime real estate to include keywords that will optimise your profile to appear higher on searches. Think of the phrases and words people would use to search for your skills and offerings, then tactfully include them without making it sound like a jargon of terminology.

 Tip 3: Optimise across all devices

A LinkedIn summary will be viewed either on a desktop or a mobile device. So, we need to get straight down to the nuts and bolts of the platform to hit the right balance. A typical desktop user will view the first 220 characters and the rest by clicking “View More,” whereas a mobile user will be able to view only the first 92 characters. To maximize the impact of your summary it is best to ensure that the first 100 –120 words are prominent, keyword filled, action-packed sentences that will grab the attention of the reader.

Tip 4: Break up the text for an easier read

In today’s fast-paced digital world, readers skim for information just for a couple of seconds before deciding if they want to read further, and hiring managers are no exception. To stand out from the pack, your summary section has to be an eye-catcher. A big block of text will be most unappealing in this regard. You could include catchy taglines as well as break the text up with headers and sub-headers. Additionally, including a graphic will boost the look of the summary and will work as a visual marketing brand of yourself.

 Tip 5: Be authentic and get personal

Once you have the reader hooked, it is now time to make a connection. Share a story of a key accomplishment that makes you stand out. A short story narrating how you diagnosed the problem, the action you took and the outcome is more effective than the skills listed on your resume. Also, inject some personality and energy with the goals and visions you hold to give a glimpse to the recruiter why you would be a great asset to their company.

Real numbers in the form of increased profit margins, sales, revenue or percentages to highlight the kind of transformation you were able to bring in your previous placements has huge impact. Include them where you see fit, although remember that unlike a resume, which is a confidential document, LinkedIn profiles are very public. Don’t include any confidential or proprietary information here.

Lastly, remember to regularly update your summary as your situation changes whether you are just networking or looking for a new position.

Just like your resume a little more thought and effort put into your LinkedIn summary will go a long way in increasing your profile viewership and eventually making key connections for the next step of your career.

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