Improve Your Strike Rate | Effective Job Search Tips for 2016

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With the 2016 job market now in full swing, what can you do to boost your chances of getting noticed and to improve your strike rate?

The following are ‘quick tips’ that you can use as part of your personal job search strategy.
Be selective – don’t apply for everything you see advertised. Recruiters are quickly put off by applicants that appear to be sending their resume to 100’s of jobs without any real thought behind the process.
Contact before sending your resume – before you send your application, try to contact the person who is advertising the role. This is an ideal opportunity to find out information beyond the words of the advertisement. You will more than likely uncover some essential hidden points that will help you tailor your resume and cover letter more effectively.
Follow up your application – wherever possible, try to follow up the application with a phone call. If you are successful getting through (this may take a few calls), ensure you cool with a purpose and sell yourself stop If you’re not getting the responses you expect, seek professional help. There could be a number of issues with your application for example, not targeting right positions for your experience, or more often than not, the resume isn’t reflecting the experience the advertiser is expecting to see in a resume.
Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket– Look outside of online job boards and newspapers in your job search, to include social media sites including that of LinkedIn. Register with Private Recruitment agencies aligned with your specialities. Cold canvass and talk to people in your network.
Use cover letters – cover letters are an essential part of the application. Include a cover letter with your application, and don’t just send the same cover letter, ensure you tailor the letter to each job.
Don’t leave your applications too late – many recruiters begin shortlisting within the first few days of actively posting the job vacancy.

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