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How to Give and Get LinkedIn Recommendations

By January 10, 2019January 8th, 2020LinkedIn

LinkedIn Recommendations can be extremely powerful and one of the best ways to get LinkedIn Recommendations is to give them!

Here are my top 6 tips for giving and getting LinkedIn Recommendations:

1. Select a handful of people in your network and write specific, detailed Recommendations for them, without asking for one in return.

2. Give yourself a goal of giving one Recommendation per month. Because Recommendations have a date attached to them, don’t give them all at once. You can write them all at once (for example, drafting them in Microsoft Word) — just don’t post them at the same time. Spread them out.

3. Check and see if there are any pending requests for Recommendations in your LinkedIn account.

4. Before writing a Recommendation for someone, look at their LinkedIn profile. See what they are emphasising and build on those qualities. Also look at the other Recommendations they’ve received.

5. In your Recommendation, answer the question: What do they do better than anyone else, or what impact did they have on me?

6. Use industry-specific keywords in the Recommendations you give. Some experts suggest keywords in Recommendations receive double the rankings of keywords provided in the LinkedIn profile itself.

Note: Remember to emphasize quality over quantity. As you get better recommendations on your profile, consider hiding older and/or less relevant recommendations. (In the Recommendations section, click the “Edit” icon and on the “Received” tab, locate the Recommendation you want to hide and click “Hide.” Then click “Save.”)

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