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9 out of 10 hiring managers are looking at your social media profiles before making a hiring decision, according to Jobvite’s annual Social Recruiting Survey (2014). More than half of those surveyed said they’ve reconsidered hiring a candidate based on what they found online.

As a jobseeker, it’s important to consider what a prospective employer will learn about you online. Social media profiles aren’t just used to “rule out” candidates — your online presence can also improve your chances of getting the job, by providing examples of your work ethic, spotlighting mutual connections, and identifying cultural fit.

What a company finds about you online should reassure them about your qualifications and suitability as a prospective employee … not raise red flags. But it’s the negative information that can hurt your chances of getting the job.

Accelerate your job searching efforts today by completing our Job Search Strategy & Coaching Program delivered by a Carolyn Whitfield, a Certified Professional in Online Job Search and Reputation Management.

Service includes 2 x sessions with a complete 12 Step Action Plan. With access to the latest tools and research, this program can establish an online identity and support you to uncover the hidden job market. (This service is only offered if you have ordered the Professional Resume service and LinkedIn Profile Creation/Optimisation service.)

As part of the Job Search Program you will receive:

  • 30 minute initial consultation to assess your goals and objectives;
  • 12 Step Action Plan that you can implement immediately and start noticing real results;
  • List of recruiters and hiring managers to target;
  • Example wording for communication structure;
  • Tips and advice based on your goals; and
  • 45 minute follow up coaching session.

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Carolyn Whitfield
An executive resume writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, and Expert LinkedIn profile writer, contact her today. Carolyn can help you get interviews for your dream job and bring the world of business to you by maximising your exposure and connections on LinkedIn.

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