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Things every jobseeker can do to be successful in a job search:

  • Make sure the top 1/3 of your résumé is a qualifications profile/summary that emphasises what you can do for the employer
  • Your résumé must be specifically targeted for the type of position you’re seeking — a generic résumé won’t do!
  • After you’ve identified a specific job title that you’re pursuing, collect and analyse 3-5 job job ads for this type of position
  • Be sure to focus on how you can add value to a prospective employer — and then get your résumé in the hands of someone who can hire you
  • To increase your chances of securing an interview, you need to identify who the hiring manager is and get your résumé to him/her directly
  • One of the best ways to reach the hiring manager is through people you already know — and/or the people they know. A great opportunity for this is via LinkedIn
  • Identify the people you already know who can help introduce you to the people you need to get to know in order to move forward with your job search
  • Make a list of all of your contacts — past employers, suppliers, customers, colleagues, competitors, bankers, and others — who can help you with your job search
  • Set up a separate email address that you only use for your job search. Use Gmail or — better yet — your own name as your domain name (like [email protected])
  • One of the best sources of information for your job search is a professional résumé writer. When in doubt about something you’ve heard or read about, ask!

Keep an eye out for PART 2: Tips for Success In Your Jobs Search……Information provided by Carolyn from Total Resumes

Carolyn Whitfield
An executive resume writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, and Expert LinkedIn profile writer, contact her today. Carolyn can help you get interviews for your dream job and bring the world of business to you by maximising your exposure and connections on LinkedIn.

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