Personal Branding words on business cards to advertise your company's products or services or promote you as an expert in your field

Things every jobseeker can do to be successful in a job search:

Managing Your Personal Brand

  • To help you figure out your personal brand, identify what you are already known for. You may have already positioned yourself — you may just not know it yet!
  • To have a strong personal brand, you must be clear about who you are and who you are not. Take some time to figure out what you want to be known for.
  • Make a list of words and phrases — things you have worked with, things you’ve accomplished, specific training you’ve received, projects you’ve worked on, and life experience that would be valuable. Are there any common threads or themes?
  • Read your performance reviews. What do other people say about you?
  • Can your personal branding statement be said about anyone else with your same job title? If so, it needs more work.
  • Does your personal brand not only identify who you are, but also align with something that prospective employers value? What problem is the company trying to solve? Does your personal brand position you as the solution to that problem?
  • Is your personal brand expressed throughout your career communication documents — on your résumé, LinkedIn profile, bio, etc.?
  • Does your personal brand express these three things: A clear message of who you are? The experience you have? How you can be an asset to the employer? If not, you need to work on it!
  • Is your personal brand: Authentic? Relevant? Compelling? Does it differentiate you from others?
  • Does your online profile/presence complement your offline brand?

Keep an eye out for PART 4 in the series: Tips for Success In Your Jobs Search……Information provided by Carolyn from Total Resumes

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