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PART 6: Tips for Success In Your Job Search

What To Do After the Job Interview

  • Before ending a job interview, be sure to ask about “next steps.” What happens next? When? Ask if it’s okay for you to follow-up.
  • The first thing to do after an interview is send a thank you note. You can send it via email, snail mail, or even drop it off at the company in person the next day.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Continue to apply for — and interview for — other positions even as you follow up on this interview.
  • Conduct a search on LinkedIn and see if you can find an existing contact who works for the target employer, or someone you know who is connected with a current employee.
  • Reach out to your network, especially if the contact works at your target company. He or she may be able to provide insight about the competition and your chances for a second interview.
  • While you wait for the next step, conduct salary research so you are prepared to negotiate your salary if you’re offered the job.
  • If the interview revealed any specific gaps in your skills or education that can be addressed while you await a second interview, start working on that now.
  • Continue to conduct research and prepare for the next round of interviews.
  • Make a phone call to follow up. You likely will have to leave a voice mail message if you don’t reach the hiring manager directly, so be prepared with what you want to say!
  • Follow up, as appropriate, until you receive the next interview, a job offer, or you find out that another candidate has been hired.

Keep an eye out for PART 7 in the series: Tips for Success In Your Jobs Search……Information provided by Carolyn from Total Resumes

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